Slick Track

Our Slick Track is the only one of its kind in the Forest Area; perhaps in northwest Pennsylvania.

Most cars are single, some are doubles. It's a donut track, smooth concrete, polished to an ice-slick surface - add 6 to 8 race cars with bald tires, then stand back and watch the fun!

It's a bit like driving on a frozen lake with a smooth finish.

The big question here:
Who has more fun - the Watchers or the Drivers!


Adults - $8.00, Double $10.00
5 minutes per each activity

Must be 52" to ride carts alone

13425 Route 36 Clarington, PA 15828

Pine Crest Cabins, Camping, Campground, Horse Back Riding Stables, Canoe Rental along the wild and scenic Clarion River and Amusement Park. In the heart of Cook Forest State Park.  One Stop for all your Family Fun with primitive, secluded camping and hookup campground.  Family Friendly in northwestern Pennsylvania - Cooksburg.

Pine Crest Cabins, Camping and Horses

Race Track

Our Big Track, 24 foot wide, macadam oval, slopes up and down, around the bumper boat pool and under the bridge. The CAN-AM California Cars are safety plus with a 4 inch ground clearance and 4 foot width. You drive defensively here with an Indy-500 attitude. The cars do move out! Age 6 - 60.

One Stop for Family Fun!

Bumper Boats

"The Big Pool" with double sprays is still big even with round tubes trying to demolish each other. A few of the motorized tubes are double-seaters so even the smallest can squeal.

It's impossible to flip them; water depth is about 2 1/2 feet so any danger is minimized.

On a hot July day you can get as wet as sneaking a dip while canoeing or visiting the park pool.

Any age!
The harder you bump, the bigger the splash---

Open Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend -- 7 Days a week Open Weekends only in Spring from mid-April
Open Weekends only in Fall thru November 1
Closed Winter Months

Long Putt Golf

This is the toughest, most challenging course in northwest Pennsylvania. It was professionally designed and constructed to be just that - "TOUGH." No impossibilities, each hole can be parred.

All 18 together are a bit more difficult.

Greens 10 to 14 feet square. Runways 25 to 100 feet. Tucked away under 30 foot pines, it's cool in July; only some get a little hot under the collar.

It can be beat - FEW DO.


Adults - $5.00  --  Under 12 - $3.00