Pine Crest Cabins, Camping and Horses

Pine Crest Cabins, Camping, Campground, Horse Back Riding Stables, Canoe Rental along the wild and scenic Clarion River and Amusement Park. In the heart of Cook Forest State Park.  One Stop for all your Family Fun with primitive, secluded camping and hookup campground.  Family Friendly in northwestern Pennsylvania - Cooksburg.


One Hour Trail - $50.00

Double $75.00

Open Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend -- 7 Days a week Open Weekends only in Spring from mid-April
Open Weekends only in Fall thru November 1
Closed Winter Months

13425 Route 36 Clarington, PA 15828

One Stop for Family Fun!

Our horses are of a gentler nature, sure-footed and calm.

The wooded trails demand this.

To the old Pro's, Sorry, no, we don't "run 'em."

You miss a lot of the deer, wildlife, and the nature you came to see at a dead gallop.

​​Age requirements are 5 yrs+ ride alone and safely.  2-4 yrs can ride with a small adult.  Our oldest young guest was 92 year old Nun, and, yes, God does Smile!

Our Pony capital consists of 2 ponies and multiple full-size horses for the brave ones. We offer employee led Pony Rides. Parents are welcome to walk with, enjoy the scenery and capture memories with photos

All are $20.00 - One child only.

We offer a scenic 1 hour guided trail ride through the beautiful forest.  Great for first time riders and experienced riders alike.

Weight limit's at 250 pounds. Yes, we do ride double at $25.00 extra ONLY for small children, but no, we don't for larger ones as saddles are made to fit only one person.

Riding Stables